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''The Goldbergs'' - 19 October 1954

Published 1954

The final episode of the DuMont Network version of "The Goldbergs". After this, the series moved to first-run syndication. Though one of the most popular series on the network, DuMont's financial situation by this point was very bleak, resulting in this and other series being dropped.

Run time 29 minutes 30 seconds
Production Company DuMont Television Network
Audio/Visual sound, black and white


Reviewer: The_Emperor_Of_Television - - July 16, 2012
Subject: Not a review, but some info
DuMont operated from 1946 to 1956

It is well known that much of the DuMont Television Network's programming output is lost. Nevertheless, several hundred kinescope film recordings survive of their content (perhaps 600+ kinescopes) . At least 3 *live* series from the network have the majority of episodes preserved: the comedy-variety series "The Morey Amsterdam Show", the education/documentary series "The Johns Hopkins Science Review" and possibly the religious series "Life is Worth Living". Most episodes also survive of the DuMont-aired version of "The Goldbergs".

However, after Setpember 1954, kinescopes & film prints of DuMont shows go from being "very rare" to "extremely rare".

In fact, the only surviving 1955 DuMont episodes are six episodes of "The Johns Hopkins Science Review", 22 episodes of "Studio 57" (which wasn't produced by DuMont, but was made directly on film by Revue Productions, also one of the very few DuMont series to still be under copyright) plus an unknown number of episodes of "Life is Worth Living", along with at least one episode of "Opera Cameos". "A.N.T.A. Album of 1955", a closed-circuit charity telecast of music and singing starring a fabulous cast og highly talented people, was produced using DuMont facilities and also survives.

Apart from an episode of the much-panned "The Stranger" and the previously mentioned "Studio 57", nothing survives of series DuMont debuted during the 1954-1955 season like "DuMont Evening News", "One Minute Please", "Key to the Ages", "The Ilona Massey Show", nor does anything survive from their summer 1955 series "Have a Heart" and "It's Alec Templeton Time".
Long-running DuMont series like "Captain Video", "What's the Story" and "Down You Go" that continued into 1955 don't have any surviving episodes from that year.

After the summer of 1955, DuMont's broadcasting was limited to a series called "Boxing From St. Nicholas Arena". As such, all that survives from DuMont's 1956 broadcasts are 5 episodes of that series.

(yes, I realise I have an unhealthy obsession with this network)